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  • What does public domain mean?
Public Domain is a term that describes a work that is publicly available and can be freely redistributed and altered because it is not protected by copyright. The copyright protection may have  either
- expired (the protection lasts for the lifetime of the creator and for a period of 70 years after his/her death)
- exclusive rights have been released by the creator

 *Copyright law varies from country to country.  Anyone outside of the United States who uses any of OperationFreePhoto's images should familiarize themselves on the copyright laws for their respective country.
  • Can I use these images on my blog?
Yes you sure can.  These images can be used freely and without attribution.  (Attribution is when credit is given to the original creator for their work).

  • How can I save the image to my computer?
  To download our pictures, hover your mouse over the picture, then right click and either Save or Copy the image.

Detailed Instructions:
  1. Click and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on on of the images below until a dialog box appears.
  2. Select option to Save.
  3. A box pops up asking you where you want to save the image to. Navigate to the folder in which you will store your images.
  4. It's a good idea to rename the image to what makes sense to you. In the "Save image as" box, change the name of the picture to the name you have created. If you intend to use the image on a web page, make sure there are no spaces in the name.
  5. If you are working on a Mac, be sure that the name you choose ends in .jpg (if you are using a PC it will automatically adjust this for you).
  6. Click on the "save" button. You now have your OWN copy!
  7. * If using a mobile phone or tablet - long press image and select "Download Image" to save on your device. *

Commercial Use of OperationFreePhoto Images

If you are interested in using an image on this site for commercial purposes (sell things you produce) - feel free to do so.  Keep in mind you can only sell these items in a country where the copyright is expired.  We would enjoy you using the contact form and sharing your creations with us!